Training Notes

I just got in from working Kessie and Fern. Earlier this morning, I hauled my “fencing” tools in the wagon down to the back pasture and at the same time, brought the sheep, goats, Rose, Gel, Fern and Kessie down with me. 

On being productively stupid

I picked this up on Susan Garrett’s Blog this morning.  It is an excerpt from a research article written by Martin Schwartz entitled The importance of stupidity in scientific research. “One of the beautiful things about science is that it allows us

More training goals

I’m glad I have good friends to set me right about my training goals, especially when one friend in particular is going through some of the same training issues I am. I was blessed to start out with a dog like Gel. 


It amazes me that I can be away from agility for six months or more and Gel (and now Fern) can go to a class and we can keep up with people who have been training consistently.  Sure, we fumbled around and

Okay …

We’re back … sort of. It’s been an incredibly busy four or five days.  When Wally got out of work on Friday, we drove out to look at those goats.  Wally and I have been to some rough places, but this one