It is disgustingly humid here.  We’ve had rain almost every day now for at least a week.  I am not complaining, really I’m not.  I’d much rather have it rain than not, but it’s soggy and oppressive.  I’m in the middle of

Using up the goat milk

I am getting way more goat milk than we can use so I’m trying to find creative ways to use it up.  Of course Basil is drinking it.  I am feeding him approximately 22 ounces three to four times a day, but

Bald Belly Manx Cat

You may recall that one of the two black cats that I took in trade for Mr. Red (Bubba) came to me with a nasty wound at the base of his tail.  I believe that this wound was causing him to lick

A mish-mash of goats

So much for sticking with one breed of goat.  To date I have three purebred LaMancha goats: Rain, Penny and Luna; I also have Luna’s daughter, Dusty whom I will register and Penny’s buck kid, Casper who will ultimately be butchered.  I

Dogs as tools

I learned through trial and error how to use Gel and now Fern as tools to get done what I needed to get done with the stock.  Except for what he’s done with me, Wally has not used a dog much to

Fern’s back!

Used her to put the sheep up last night and she was back to her usual self.  I dosed her with Lycopodium about a week ago now.  Lyc is a slow, long-acting remedy so it doesn’t surprise me that I didn’t see

Monday, Monday, Monday

I feel sure I am in a dream and I’m really not sitting here at 6:11 AM with the whole day ahead of me, a whole day without real, paying work that is. A few jobs for which I am qualified have