Got it!

Making cheese takes time and patience.  I believe I was not letting it sit long enough.  Since it’s been warmer, it sets faster, but apparently even if it looks set, it isn’t done.  It needs to sit for a good 12 hours

Dairy Goat Update

It seems I will not be able to get a Saanen doe from the dairy I mentioned a while ago.  I was disappointed to learn this, but it’s really okay.  I liked the idea of the Saanen breed, but given that I


We need to do something different as far as fencing is concerned.  Finally, we are able to accurately (relatively accurately that is) measure where we need to mow the path to set the fence.  I measured out clothesline rope and I use

The dogs …

I haven’t written much on the dogs lately.  I guess that’s partially because I haven’t been doing much training.  Essentially, I do nothing more with the dogs other than daily chore work (which Gel does most of), attention (of which they get

Growing and raising what you eat

It is incredibly satisfying to prepare meals using ingredients that you raised or grew yourself.  I’ve mentioned several times how wonderful the lamb has been.  Last night we had a salad using the lettuce that I grew over the winter in the