Birthday aftermath

This has to go down as one of the best birthdays after.  I got the most wonderful, thoughtful presents including several sets of chimes, plants and other decorations for my sitting area from local people as well as a stainless steel milk


After I fed the rabbits this morning, Ted jumped into their pen and started to eat from their bowl of rabbit pellets.  I ran back into the house to get my camera, but unfortunately, missed the shot.  One day I’ll learn to

Fern still has it

This afternoon Wally and I went to bring water down to the sheep and brought all three Border Collies with us.  I sent Gel down into the thicket to bring out the sheep.  He came out with about two-thirds of the flock

Working the bumble bee

I tried.  I went out there with good intentions, but we accomplished nothing.  The sheep came out of the ElectroNet on their own and headed into fresh grass.  I sent Kessie around them to fetch them back to me.  They ignored her.  She’d

Quick update

Things have been a bit traumatic here.  Wally spent Friday night and a good bit of Saturday AM in the emergency room with kidney stones.  I’ve never been around anyone suffering with kidney stones and I hope that I never see it


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