We have chicks!

When I was through milking I walked over to check the hen who has been sitting and saw one chick sitting next to her.  I crawled inside of the pen and lifted her and found three more chicks!  Yea!  I have two

Oh goodness …

Where does time go?  I suppose it’s been a matter of juggling work at Walmart with my jobs here.  I think the primary drain has been the heat and humidity.  Welcome to life in the south.  The heat is supposed to break

Training update

I don’t think there’s any substitution for using a dog to do real work.  I read other blogs wherein people write about going out to “work” dogs.  I am glad to now be in a position where I don’t have to go

A few pictures

I have started to try to remember to carry my point and shoot camera around with me.  I downloaded pictures off it this morning and here are a few I intended to put up earlier but never got around to it.  I

Sourdough update

I now have an active sourdough starter going.  On a whim yesterday afternoon, I threw together a recipe for sourdough baguettes using the bread machine.  I baked them in the oven, which was pretty stupid given how hot it was yesterday.  The