Lots to catch up on …

But I’m crazy busy.  Our phone line and Internet access has been down for two and a half days due to a bad storm so I’ve been busy catching up on e-mail.  I’ll update soon. More later …

It’s official …

I now have a herd name: Spellcast Dairy.  Registered it yesterday afternoon.  I had to get this done in order to register Luna’s baby who is now known as Skittles.  I don’t know how much registering of babies I’ll be doing in

Saanen Goats

I wrote a while back about trying to buy a Saanen goat from a local dairy and the owner’s refusal to sell me a goat because we did not have a barn.  I was extremely upset by this, but moved on and

Very quick update

Over a month ago, Wally and I arranged to have four full days off together.  His birthday was on Friday, so he took Thursday and Friday off from work.  I almost had to work on Saturday, but it was an oversight on

Management issues

I came to the important realization that Fern’s issues (her wilting daisy routine) are management issues, quite similar to those I had early on with Gel.  Luckily I worked through them with Gel and I feel that I can get through Fern’s