Catching up

It’s been six days since I last wrote and that’s just not good.  I use this journal as a means of tracking what has gone on in my life.  I often don’t remember what happened yesterday, never mind what happened a week

Working Fern

After I finished the post this morning I put Gel and Kessie up and took Fern down to where the sheep are fenced.  I took down one line of fence and then sent her in for the sheep.  Poor Fern, she kept

Thinking about training …

Yesterday, I had intended to go down to my agility field and set up this course, but was pretty busy and didn’t get around to it.  Maybe I’ll get to it today.  It would be a perfect course for the shape of


My garden is thriving.  As I write this, the sprinkler is on watering it.  We haven’t had rain in more than two weeks and it’s getting dry.  Luckily, we had enough rain earlier in the year so that I don’t feel too concerned

Another eight hour shift done

Gosh it was busy at WalMart today.  I guess between SSI checks coming out and it being the day before a holiday brought out everyone.  The length of the lines felt like Christmas.  Busy is good, it makes the time go by faster.