Interviewing sucks …

It was short and sweet and went well.  Still not so sure about the job.  I’ll worry more about it if I’m offered it.  Right now, I’m on the fence. I’m exhausted and would like nothing better than to take a nap

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My good mood went to hell in a hand basket after I finished milking.  When I was bringing the goats and Buster out to the front field, all the way out, Buster was continually riding the goats until he knocked Billie (who


I finally got around to taking some videos of Fern’s agility work.  Keep in mind, I’ve done virtually no training of this dog.  She just sort of does it. Please excuse the potato-sack outfit I’m wearing.  It’s comfortable and about three sizes

My right hand.

As I headed out to milk the goats on Friday, with Gel right on my heels, I realized how much I depend on that dog.  I’ve been leaving the goats loose in the hitching area while I’ve got the two I’m milking