A year ago today …

I was laid off. The past year has been a wonderful journey.  I’ve accomplished so much.  It hasn’t been without anguish, heartache, fears, anger, etc., but all in all, it’s been wonderful. I have an interview today at 2:00.  Maybe it is

Agility and training in general

I have been seriously considering selling my entire field of agility equipment, but I can’t quite get myself to do it.  A few weeks ago, I removed myself from the agility-related mailing list of the local trainer that I was going to. 

A lifestyle choice …

I am amazed at the number of people who wrote me privately commending me for not lying at the interview for the firm in Charlotte.  Sure, it likely cost me the job, but I now feel it is likely a good thing.

Gel, the working dog

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this!  On Saturday morning I got a call from a woman who bought some rabbits from me several months ago.  She has an Alpine doe and I thought she was calling to arrange to bring