Moving sheep

While I was in Charlotte yesterday afternoon, Wally set the ElectroNet.  We have the process down to a science and it isn’t the rotten task that it used to be.  By the time I got home, he had the fence set and

Nerves …

Gosh I’m nervous about this interview, not about the interview itself, I interview well, but what I’ll do if they offer me the job and what I’ll do if I don’t get the job.  Not getting the job at the local law

Playing with Sheep II

In furtherance of the discussion that was started with the poster who wrote about the ranch that allowed dogs to come and play with sheep for the day, today a woman wrote: “many of us do not own sheep, let alone sheep

The two LGDs meet …

It went okay.  Rose was more aggressive, which was probably a good thing.  Because they are bush hogging the back field, I pulled up the fence and brought the sheep up.  They’ll stay in the duck/chicken pasture (where they have plenty of