Venison Bonaza!

Yesterday, in between doing demos, we picked up three buckets of deer organs, including the stomachs and intestines.  I removed the intestines and disposed of them and packed up the livers, kidneys and hearts in separate containers.  Then I removed the stomach

Demos, demos, demos.

The dogs are all flat out tired and I’m feeling about the same.  I wish someone would put me in a crate so I could sleep.  It all went well today and the people really enjoyed seeing the dogs work.  The Charlotte


Oh, she’s testing me.  The episode on Tuesday with the sheep and the buck (who is now living in quarters separate from the does and that’s where he’ll stay) shook her confidence. If I ever get another puppy, never, ever again will

Small courses.

Just got back in from feeding the guard dogs and running the Border Collies.  We ran through the large, flat field that I mentioned in my last post and it got me thinking about the small course I have set at the

The Plan …

I have to bring the pressure canner to be checked this morning at 10:00 and while I’m in that area, I need to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some soda for Wally (he’s having a holiday lunch at work tomorrow). When

Time to stop being a whimp!!!

Got out and worked all three dogs twice.  Not sure who’s brain is more fried, mine or the dogs.  I have found that the shedding practice, for some reason, is improving Gel’s driving.  Maybe it’s just a fluke. Split is going to