Therapy Dogs

Today, we brought both Fern and Split to visit Wally’s mother.  They were a major hit!  Both dogs were very, very good.  I was particularly impressed by Split because we were afraid she was going to be too bouncy.  She just goes


It’s Friday, Wally works a shorter day and it is going to be beautiful outside.  Saturday is going to be nice as well.  Sunday is going to be cold and rainy.  Oh well, we’ll be traveling so it won’t be such a

Pissing off the geese

Instead of going back to work sheep, we spent the afternoon pissing off geese. Split fetching the geese to me: I thought this shot was so pretty: Fern keeping the female goose separate from the gander. Finally she turns. Where might Fern

Sorry excuse for a Redneck …

We took Petunia to the processor last night and when we got there, we discussed how we wanted her processed.  We decided on boneless pork chops, sausage and straight ground pork.  Then the processor asked about the ribs.  I looked at Wally,

The lie down.

I’m teaching Split a lie down.  She doesn’t like to stop and I’m still not happy teaching lie downs because I believe it made Fern clappy.  I realize that putting a lie down on Fern didn’t cause her clappiness, it was there