Last day of 2009

It was a wonderful day.  Wally ended up taking it off from work so we had the day together.  We did a bit of running around, visited his mother and of course took care of the animals.  I can’t think of a

Holiday Break

I took a break from writing to enjoy the holiday and enjoy it I did.  I can honestly say this was probably one of the nicest I’ve ever had.  Oh, we were busy, as always, but it was a good busy. The

The lesson with Merlin

The lesson with Merlin went really well.  It did wonders for my confidence.  There were a number of adjustments that needed to be done to my tack.  As expected, the saddle is too small for me and because Merlin has a round

A day of rest.

Cleaning up the mess that occurred when the goat shelter went down and then putting it back together again exhausted both of us.  We spent the morning doing a few errands, including picking up some half-price Christmas ornaments and visiting Wally’s mother. 

The end to another era

In addition to selling all of my agility equipment, I also sold both my road and mountain bikes.  While I was cleaning on Wednesday (yes, cleaning!) I saw how much dust they had been gathering and decided that it was time to


It took us most of the day, but we got the mess cleaned up (was it ever a mess!) and the shelter back up.  It’s smaller, 15 feet square, but I don’t think the weight of the snow is going to take