I rode Dream

It was sort of anticlimactic.  I’ve been dying to get on her and decided to go out and try it.  She stood perfectly still while I saddled her.  I walked her around a bit, then lunged her some (she doesn’t have much

Notes from the clinic.

Finally I am able to take some time to write about the clinic.  I’m probably going to wish that I had written sooner for fear of forgetting something, but hopefully not. I didn’t sleep very well the night before.  I was running

The Clinic.

The Clinic rocked.  I learned a lot, as did Merlin.  I’m utterly exhausted right now, both from the clinic (I was in the saddle all day) and we had heavy rain and high wind last night and I was up most of

One year today!

Wally has been living here for a year today.  What a wonderful year it has been.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful, kind, thoughtful soul mate in my life. As I write this, I’m waiting for Wally to finish his

Wild rides!

I’ve been on numerous wild rides with Merlin since I wrote last.  Gosh, he’s a fun horse to ride.  He just goes, and goes, and goes and goes.  It’s wonderful.  He’s brave (or stupid) as can be when it comes to difficult

A fun day!

While it didn’t start out so well with Merlin escaping into the back pasture, it ended great.  Around noon a woman that I had met a few weeks while she was out riding her horse on the road in front of our