Exciting morning

I went out around 7 to take care of the animals.  Everything went fine until I realized I left the back gate open, just as Merlin headed through it.  As I walked towards him, he flagged his tail and trotted off down

Saddle sore

Yep, I’m quite sore, but it’s a good sore.  I feel like I accomplished a lot with Merlin yesterday and am looking forward to more. I did some ground work in the morning and it went okay, but I’m considering holding off

Wild Pygmy Goats!

Well, Split got a bit of work today.  She got it as a reward for behaving herself while I was watering the sheep and Buster.  Bringing water up to the sheep using the ATV and wagon is a challenge.  First you have

No more excuses!!!

I realized Friday afternoon that I was being a serious wimp!  I had a bad case of cabin fever and why?  Because it was a little bit cold outside?  I kept enough of my northern clothing to be able to go outside

Who needs a freezer?????

I have what is left of the deer I processed in the milk room as well as a grain bag full of beef fat and bones.  They’ve remained partially frozen for days. The wind picked up last night.  I hate it when

Make it go away!!!!!

I spent most of the day inside yesterday watching episodes of Clinton Anderson’s Natural Horsemanship previously aired on RFD television.  Over the weekend, I joined Clinton Anderson’s No Worries Club which gave me access to almost 200 episodes of his show previously