So much for any training

The ground is too hard.  I don’t want to risk injury to horse, dogs or sheep.  I might have been able to work sheep in the front field, but this weather is hard on them and given that some are them are


In past posts, I have referred to Gel as an honest dog.  In addition, I’ve read posts where other people have said the same things about their dogs.  This lead me to wonder if dogs have the potential to be dishonest or


I will never try not to doubt her again.  This morning around 4:30 she was barking up a storm.  I got up around 5 to start the kerosene heater in the bathroom so it would be warm for when Wally got up

Artic Blast!!!

Hey, you all up north … keep your cold up there.  We don’t want it.  We are not prepared for sub-20 degree temperatures down here in the south.  Lots of us live in cardboard houses with little insulation.  It’s freaking cold!  Agh!