This is exciting!

For the first time, in what seems like an eternity, after we get through today’s rain, there is no rain or other precipitation forecast for the next ten days.  If no new lambs are born tonight, I might bring the flock back

Yee Ha!!!

I used Split to bring in Buster (the calf) yesterday evening.  Holy shit! That dog has more grit than any I’ve ever worked.  She’s either brave as can be or stupid.  I’ve never seen Buster move so fast.  Split has been awfully

Early morning surprise

I went out early this morning to check the sheep and found that one ewe had lambed.  The ewe is a black-headed Dorper and we used a solid white Dorper ram this year.  The baby is a red and white paint!  I


We had two lambs born yesterday and another one last night.  There may be more out there now, but I only saw the one.  So far, no problems.  Still waiting on the goats.  Both Addie and Angel are about to pop. Until

Oh please make it stop!!!

I might as well move back to Massachusetts (remember, where all the jobs are) instead of staying down here in the warm frigid south under eight inches of snow. Yep, eight inches of snow Friday night into Saturday.  Of course, the goat