Going back to work …

I got a call from the hospital where the contract management position was advertised.  I wrote about this job a while back.  It took three different times to connect with the woman I’d be interviewing with, but the interview is now scheduled

Wally’s a Poet!

Wally brought me home a poem he wrote yesterday: “We live on a farm. We cause nobody no harm. We milk dairy goats even when we have to wear winter coats. We drink goat milk. It goes down smooth as silk. We


I went out with my little point and shoot camera and took a few shots.  It’s quite overcast here and while I like this little camera, it doesn’t always do what I want it too.  Oh well. The Beached Whale (a/k/a Kersey):

Bla, bla, bla

I feel like I’m in a rut these days.  I do not have a lot of energy to do much of anything.  I did ride Merlin on Tuesday and we had a very nice ride, despite my trying to cut his front

A very good Backyard Burger

Yesterday while we were out doing errands, Wally and I decided to grab a bite to eat.  We had not eaten breakfast so we were both quite hungry.  We were going to go to Hardee’s, but instead decided to go to Backyard

Splitting the goats

I decided this afternoon to take Split out to work the goats.  Gel learned so much on the goat kids I started him on. Be careful what you name a dog.  Frequently, “Split” splits up the stock, leaving part of the group

Babies, babies everywhere …

On Sunday when we went out to set the fence, we found a wonderful surprise.  One of the ewes we kept back from last year delivered a beautiful spotted baby.  He looks like a Dalmatian.  Too bad it’s a ram.  Yesterday, the

The Black Gelding

He’s here.  We got him loaded into the trailer without too much trouble.  He was scared, but not stupid.  When he got here, again, he was scared, but not stupid.  He and Merlin were introduced and they seemed to get along fine.