A couple more photos

We brought Split into the poultry pasture to work the three Indian Runner ducks: And Buster: Poor Buster runs in fear from Split.  I don’t blame him.

Split and Goats

I didn’t get many and what I got wasn’t very good, but it’s a start.  Split moving Water Buffalo cow and young a dairy goat and her kids. What I did discover while I was out in the field was that Split


I am not a patient person, never have been and probably never will be.  Last night I got very irritated when Gel didn’t bring the goats out in a time frame that I thought was appropriate.  I told him to grip, which

Split … revisited.

Finally I’m starting to see some progress in Split.  It’s taken a long, long time and she’s still a long way away from being a reliable working dog (i.e. one that is working with her head vs. adrenaline), but she’s getting there. 


I haven’t written a whole lot lately about horses and riding; primarily because I haven’t been riding.  The weather has been too damned crappy.  It seemed as though on the few good days that did occur something came up that prevented me