Great gifts of life

Yesterday, I caught up with some old friends.  These are people I’ve known for a long, long time.  People that you can talk honestly to and know that they are going to take what you say as you mean it.  They understand

Earth Day Babies!

Split had her puppies yesterday afternoon and evening.  She had six.  I believe there are four females and two males.  All are doing fine. Yesterday was a better day!!!!!!!

Will today be a better day?

I told Wally that it would be.  Not sure how I can make sure that will be true.  Yesterday was awful.  Not for any particular reason other than I felt like crap both mentally and physically.  I ate like crap, so it’s

Sneezing my brains out

Oh, my allergies are bad.  I am going through box after box after box of Puffs Plus tissues.  Allergy medicine isn’t helping.  I’ve been eating local honey, drinking milk and taking Vitamin A, but that isn’t helping either.  It’s miserable. As usual,

Tax time

I hate doing taxes.  I hate doing taxes.  I hate doing taxes.  I filed my 2008 taxes a couple of weeks ago.  Yep, I was due a refund of $1,059, yet I didn’t file them in a timely manner.  Pretty stupid, huh? 

Wash Out!

It poured last night.  The wind sounded like a freight train running through the property.  It was horribly frightening!  I normally milk around 7 PM, but it was pouring buckets and the wind was blowing the rain into the milk parlor.  I

The color green.

I am not fond of the color green.  Never have been.  Sure, it’s nice to see green grass and leaves, but when the green extends to my black truck and my black horse, that’s going a bit too far!  Pollen, pollen everywhere!