And then a miracle occurred

Rosemoon and her wonderful family came to pick up Split and two puppies yesterday.  We had a lovely visit.  I love Rosemoon and her family and so wish they were closer.  Rosemoon has already posted an entry in her Blog about how

Animal Meltdown

I don’t know what happened either this morning or last night, but the mother to the two ducklings is missing.  That leaves two screaming ducklings wandering around looking for their mother.  Great.  For now, I put them up in the chick pen


We watched Avatar Saturday night.  If you haven’t seen it, do so.  It’s a fabulous movie, dark and depressing at times, but all in all, it was wonderful.  This is the first movie I’d consider buying so I could watch it again


I haven’t written much about the horses lately.  Quite frankly, there have been days that I didn’t even go down and look at the horses, much less do anything with them. I love my farrier (usually).  She is good at getting me

And then there were two

On Sunday, Wally and I brought the mare we had leased back to her original owner.  He simply didn’t have it in him to ride again.  There was no sense in keeping a horse that wasn’t going to get ridden.  Not that

Spot found a honey hole

When I finished milking this morning, I fed the babies.  Gwen was still hanging near the gate and when he finished drinking his bottle, Spot went over and started nursing on Gwen.  He was tentative at first and she turned around a