Vacation’s over

Worked from 4:00 to 10:00 last night, came home and milked the goats and then was up until around midnight.  For those of you who know me, you know that’s way, way, way, way past my bedtime.  Even though I went to

Darned …

Headed out to drive to Hickory to do some shopping and Yoda wouldn’t start!!!  Seems his battery is dead.  Great.  I’ll have to wait until Wally gets home to see about jumping him and then I guess we’ll be buying a battery. 

Finally, some relief!

We got the air conditioning fixed yesterday afternoon.  Damned, I hate that we rely so much on it, but it was heaven finally being cool in the house.  I hadn’t taken a shower during the day, it hardly seemed worth it.  As

A very fencing weekend

Most of this weekend was delegated to fencing, well, I shouldn’t say that, a lot of the weekend was spent trying to stay cool.  It’s been rough.  Yesterday was particularly bad.  I think today, I just resigned myself to being hot and

Good news, BAD NEWS

Good news: fencing is done.  It almost killed us, but it’s done. BAD NEWS:  Air conditioning went out last night and it won’t be able to be fixed this weekend.  It’s going to be pretty ugly here for a few days.  Luckily,


When I went out to pick some cucumbers and tomatoes for my lunch, I brought the camera along with me.  About time I got these photos taken.  The raised beds have been a very rewarding project. The photo below shows the two