A bit of good news …

I finally found a full- or almost full-time job working somewhere that I think I will enjoy: Mellow Mushroom.  They called me back the Monday before last and from then on, I couldn’t bring myself to go back to Walgreens, so I

Forgetting about me

Wally made me realize this morning that I sort of lost track of why I got these goats.  He left telling me to take it easy, try not to be so stressed and to do something nice for me today.  I received


I was selling goat milk.  In North Carolina, it is legal to sell milk for animal consumption.  What people did with the milk once they got home with it is not my concern … until they start questioning the freshness, complaining that

Yea for Al Bin!!!!

We put the saddle on him yesterday and he handled it remarkably well.  Once we got it secured, off I went on a walkabout.  We went all over the farm and saw lots of potentially scary things.  The worst he did was

Crazy busy!

Gosh, a just-freshened milking cow really adds a new dimension to the farm.  We are still learning how to work with her.  It has become blatantly apparent that we fed her too much before she calved.  Her udder got huge and hard

Bloody heat …

Make it go away!  It’s dry and it sucks, sucks, sucks.  The garden is about done in.  I’m tired of watering it.  The damned chickens are doing in what the heat is not.  Lovely.  It’s been so hot for so long it


I did it … I sold Merlin along with his saddle and bridle on Friday.  There comes a time when you realize that something isn’t working out for you and that’s the way it’s been with Merlin.  I found him a fantastic