I realized I hadn’t written much about Mica lately.  He continues to do well.  I haven’t done a thing with him, in fact, he’s been spending a lot of time up.  He is a trouble magnet.  If there’s trouble to be found,

Working …

Well, I guess I’m back in the work force.  Not exactly where I thought I’d be, but I guess you end up where you are supposed to be, at least for the time being. I have been working in the back of

What’s that noise?

What’s that wet stuff falling out of the sky????  RAIN!!!!!  Glorious, glorious rain!!!!  We could get two to three inches between today and tomorrow.  I hope that will help to improve the condition of the pastures. Hey, did you know that the

Tired …

Oh gosh, you wouldn’t think working in a restaurant would not be stressful; but it is!  Last night, they divided the back of the house people into two groups.  One group sat in the restaurant and ordered off the menu and the

The Shroom …

I’ve worked two full days so far and am scheduled to work the rest of the week at Mellow Mushroom.  So far, so good.  It’s fun, upbeat, busy, challenging and the food is damned good!!!!!  You know what one of the coolest

Well darned …

Three strands of hot electric wire and some of the goats walked through it.  Guess when they want to go somewhere, a little bit of pain isn’t going to stop them.  We toyed with putting ElectroNet up, but I think we are

A trail riding fool!

Got back from my ride with Trophy and two friends around 2:00.  What a rush!!!  He’s a trail-riding-fool.  Of course, every log, stump and rock was a rabid-gray-Arabian-eating-monster, but I’m used to him now and I can laugh at his foolishness.  You’d