Oh the pain …

Went on a fast ride with four endurance riders today.  Trophy had a lot more to give than I did.  I’m crippled at this point.  I think Trophy may feel a lot better than I do. Here’s a happy photo: Here’s me

Back in the groove

Okay, back to reality: there’s nothing I can do about my current lack of earning power.  All I can do is to learn to live even more frugally than we have been.  As I was lying in bed this morning, I thought

Wild rain!!!

We got hit by bad storms two days in a row now.  As best as I can tell, everything is okay, but it’s still dark out there so I don’t know for sure.  We left the cows down below with the horses

Great ride

Around 10:30, Trophy, Gel and I headed out to South Mountain State Park.  We had the Mountain to ourselves.  It was a great ride except I was stupid and thought that since we’d be going relatively slow I’d leave Trophy’s boots off. 


It rained quite a bit last night.  I guess I should have checked the weather before going to bed to see if it was going to rain because I left my Yoda’s windows open and Gel outside.  I’m not so worried about

A good ride …

Went with my friend Jenn on a fantastic ride yesterday afternoon.  We road at a private estate in Gaston County.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I could have ridden there all day … if my body would have held up.  Trophy moves on