Fermenting/Soaking Grains

At the suggestion of my homeopath, I started feeding soaked/fermented grain to Gwen to help her digestive process. Her mixture includes oats, barley, sunflower seeds, cracked corn, alfalfa cubes and rice bran. The horses are eating the same mixture plus beet pulp,

Early morning

Wally had business to attend to before going to work today, so we needed to get up at 4:30 AM; really only a half hour or so before we normally get up, but it seems to be a lot earlier.  His having


This morning, I noted that her udder is really starting to improve. The scab that was once over the abscess is starting to slough off. I’ll be glad when it falls off for good because it makes milking that one rear quarter

Good dog!!!

We are still trying to limit Augie’s access to Gwen’s milk, primarily to keep her udder from further damage.  Also, now that we have about six inches of snow on the ground, there isn’t a lot of available grass in the pasture

Living in Christmas-Land

Wally and I had a lovely day yesterday.  I cooked the spare ribs with Sicilian flavors and they came okay, I didn’t like them as much as Wally did.  I think I just don’t care much for spare ribs. We stayed inside


Mica is growing up.  I’m starting to work a little bit on the goats; unfortunately the goats are less than cooperative. When I took the photos this morning, it was dark and cloudy so the pictures were not in focus. He looks

Fun with recipes

I love to cook … I really, really do.  Sometimes I use recipes, but more often than not, I use what I remember of a particular recipe and create something of my one.  Other times, I take stock of what is in