3.8 weeks and counting

Had to go to the local unemployment office yesterday for my eligibility review.  Spent almost two hours there.  Just where I wanted to be.  At least it was warm.  I have 3.8 weeks left of benefits.  Then I have to rely on


The motley crew of goats: I’ve been really pleased with how the goats have been doing lately.  They used to just laze around the paddock and wait for me to feed them.  Now, they are actively going out and browsing, as they

Seed Catalogs!!!!

Nothing brings a breath of warm air to a cold and rainy day like looking through beautiful seed catalogs.  I got the Baker Creek seed catalog a few days ago and received the Southern Exposure catalog yesterday.  This morning, I started compiling

Brutal weather

Wally and I continue to do our best to keep the animals comfortable.  The normal highs for this time of year are the mid 50’s.  We haven’t had that warmth in at least a week with no relief in sight; the beginning

Cow woes

Poor Gwen.  Her udder is a mess.  She’s the walking wounded.  This poor cow has suffered so in the past year.  She’s had some teat chapping issues and it’s only gotten worst.  Now she’s got a bruise on the back of her

Here comes winter …

A bit early, but so it is.  Yesterday, Wally and I cleaned out Gwen’s stall and started construction on two more raised beds.  While it would have been warm in the sun, the wind was blowing from the north and soon it

Flying lessons!!

My ride on Sudi yesterday was nothing short of amazing.  That horse is extraordinary!!!  My farrier, Audrey, is one of the most brilliant horsewomen I’ve ever met.  She’s so giving of her time and knowledge. I called Wally before I went out

The horse thing.

Maybe it’s because I am coming up on the anniversary of the day I bought Merlin, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the horse thing lately.  I think I’m doing the right thing with being involved in the horses.  I’ve met