As I write this, we are having a thunderstorm!  According to local lore, that means we’ll have snow within ten days.  What it does mean is that I can’t get out to milk for a little bit. It also means I’ll have

A lost day

Sunday ended up being a lost day.  We didn’t get done half of what we wanted to.  I guess we got done what we needed to get done.  A local farmer delivered a 1,000 pound bale of organic alfalfa, timothy and orchard

More babies!!!!

April (Oberhasli doe) delivered two babies yesterday afternoon.  It was perfect timing for a friend that drove into the driveway just as the first kid was being presented.  She stayed to watch both kids being born, pick up some eggs and greens

MM Update

The managers at MM have finally recognized me for what I am: a reliable, hard-working, dedicated employee.  I am not getting tossed out the door as soon as business slacks off and they are giving me more responsibility such as placing the

Diggin’ in the dirt

Yesterday evening, I harvested a bucketful of greens which I sold this morning for $6.  Given how excited the woman was to receive them, the bucket might have contained caviar.  I cleared about a quarter of one bed and I plan to

Cow decisions

This cow business has been very frustrating.  Gwen has represented a huge learning curve and I tend to get very frustrated when I do not completely understand something.  The bull calf we got yesterday is still a long way off from being