Back to the horse thing

Several months ago, I watched this old-timey horse trainer work with a horse and he really impressed me.  I also knew that he dealt in a lot of used horse tack so Yesterday, I decided to give him a call to see

It’s raining …

It started just as I headed out to milk.  I suppose I should be happy about the rain and I am, but I really wanted to ride today.  Maybe it will let up soon and Sudi will dry off enough so that

Two good days in a row!

Please!  Make it stop!!!!  Gosh I love it when all of the animals behave, milk flows as it should, Gel does what I need him to do and the weather is decent.  Gwen in particular is being really, really good.  She’s eating

Seeds in the ground

I got my butt in gear and got a bunch of seeds in the ground yesterday.  I planted two types of carrots; two types of beets; three types of peas; rutabaga; tri-color romaine lettuce and arugula.  Of course, that means I didn’t

Homeopathy to the rescue

I’ve been somewhat down on homeopathy for a while now.  Not so sure it worked, not so much because homeopathy as “medicine”; but because people and animals these days are so sick that nothing can help them. Several months ago, Mica bit

A quick update

All the chores are done (I think!) and soon I’ll have to get dressed for MM.  I am not feeling all that great, but nothing a couple of aspirin won’t temporarily take care of.  Yes, I occasionally take aspirin and more than