Gwen Update

We think Gwen has been bred.  I’m a bit apprehensive about feeling certain about it and feel like I should just leave her up there for another 20 days just to be sure.  We were going to bring her home this weekend

Milking under the stars

It was cold riding up to where Gwen is on the ATV (yea, yea, Rosemoon I could be walking …) but once I got there, it was actually quite pleasant milking her under the stars.  The horizon gradually lightened as I finished

Poor Mica

He’s going to think his real name is “Mica GET OUT OF THAT!” or “Mica QUIT THAT!”  All in all though, he’s a really good puppy.  I sometimes use him to bring Gwen up to milk.  Neither dog really needs to bring

Day off … finally

It was a wonderful feeling lying in bed this morning knowing that I could ease into the day.  Wednesday was a relatively easy day at MM and I got out at 2:30 which was good.  I had errands to run, which errands


Oh, yesterday was hard.  I came in to find that there was a flood in the back part of the restaurant.  Lovely.  Not only did I need to walk very, very carefully while I was working, but later on, I had to