We are getting beautiful rain this morning.  Unfortunately, that makes milking a wet mess, but we so need the rain.  The weather forecast for the upcoming week is for temperatures in the low sixties so with the rain, things ought to really

An easy-up day!

No work today so it’s an easy start to the morning.  Just finished milking and have the milk in the freezer to chill it.  I still need to go back out and get my buckets and get them washed, but I felt

A mixed bag

My mini-lesson with John went well.  Sudi is a really, really nice horse.  He’s smart and willing.  I can’t ask for more.  I did get that saddle I was lusting for and it ended up being less money than I thought it

Milking in a thunderstorm

We got bad thunderstorms last night that started around 5:00.  Wally and waited to see if it would let up, but it didn’t and it was getting darker and darker so I gathered up my milk buckets and asked Wally to drive