Beds covered with shade cloth to protect the squash from early infestation with squash bugs (bed in foreground) and green beans (back bed) from intense heat.  Next year, I’ll inter-plant green beans with tomatoes to use them as shade. Eight-foot high chicken-proof

Milking is done

Now I have a bit of silence and can write a bit more.  It’s more of a form of procrastination.  I have lots to do, but not a lot of ambition to do it.  I wrote earlier that the goats were calling. 


Mica went to a new home yesterday.  He’ll be working on a local sheep farm.  I know he has it in him; but without proper stock, I cannot train him.  The dairy goats, even the kids, will challenge him and that’s not

Barrel Horse Boot Camp

I told Rosie (the horse) yesterday afternoon that starting today, she was going to enter Barrel Horse Boot Camp.  Yesterday was Hell at MM.  For the second day in a row, I was greeted with an almost empty prep cooler.  With school

Bad news.

One of the goat kids died last night.  He was acting dumpy last night and I could see from his mother’s udder that he hadn’t been nursing.  He was dead this morning.  Who knows what happened to him.  We couldn’t find anything

It’s Saturday …

and I just sent Wally off to work and I have to go as well.  That means only one day off this week for both of us.  My co-worker and I worked our butts off yesterday.  It was stupid busy at the