The worst night so far.

As far as the heat and humidity is concerned, last night was the worst night so far for milking.  I had two fans going, but about all they did was move the hot air around, perhaps making it feel even worst.  As

A very busy weekend.

Well, we are officially in the rabbit business, at least in a very small way.  Bought three Creme d’Argent rabbits on Saturday: two does and a buck.  I asked the breeder if she’d put the two does in with an unrelated buck


It’s always nice to get Monday under my belt.  It was one of those rough Mondays that I dread when I come in to an almost-bare prep cooler.  I didn’t work alone, at least not the whole shift, so that was a

Feeling sort of bla.

Wally and I got up late (for us); got the chores done, ate some breakfast and then looked at each other and agreed that neither of us had much energy.  We had things planned for the weekend, but really not much as