Thriving plants!!!

This Yarrow plant was in the dead plant section of Lowes. As you can see, I brought it back to life. I love deep green, frilly foliage. Top it with raspberry-colored flowers and it’s drop dead gorgeous, especially in a clay pot. 

Beautiful rain!!!

We got an inch and a half of rain last night and after it was over, we were able to walk in the area in front of the goat shelter without sinking up to our ankles.  Some of the dirt ran off,

Yummy, yummy goat cheese!

I made the most fantastic supper.  I sliced some French bread in half and toasted it.  Smeared it with a thick layer of goat cheese then topped it with minced garlic (a lot); then sliced heirloom tomatoes, sweet onions, sauteed sausage (ours!)

Udder Envy

Got the camera glued to my forehead this morning: Hurry up and milk me already!  This is Misty, a Saanen/Alpine X.  This is her first freshening and as you can see, she’s got the udder.  She’s a fantastic goat, I couldn’t be


I went out early this morning to feed the cats and dogs and the air was thick enough to cut with a knife.  As I was coming back in, I went through a swarm of gnats and I felt like I needed


Yesterday, Wally and I spent some time doing beautification projects.  He’s been off for the past few days thanks to the Fourth of July holiday so while I was at work, he worked on cleaning up.  He washed all the mold off

Mad Scientist!!

I’m starting to feel like a mad scientist with all the experiments we’ve been doing around here.  Using shade cloth on the row cover over the squash plants didn’t quite work.  The growing style of the squash got crimped and the stems