Happy Tuesday?

I hope so, Monday wasn’t so great.  It started with the difficulties I had with the buck when I took the does out to milk.  He decided he was going to go with the does even if it meant slamming me into

Sometimes things just suck.

I got into work yesterday morning in a really good mood until I looked at the new schedule which had been posted the night before.  I was only scheduled for four days while the other prep lady was scheduled for six.  She

A chill in the air!

The alarm woke me this morning which is usual.  I’m usually awake at least an hour before the alarm is set to go off.  I was tired most of the day yesterday so I think I needed the sleep last night.  It’s


I got the rest of the tomatoes and eggplant harvested out of the garden, then got all of the plants cleaned out and all but one bed worked up and prepared for planting.  I almost fell over from heat exhaustion and my

Great find!!!

I believe I wrote yesterday that I had to go to Hickory to pick up an American Chinchilla buck from a lady who lives up near the Virginia border who was traveling through Hickory yesterday.  She ended up coming through Hickory several