Peace and quiet …

Well, sort of.  The ducks are carrying out outside.  Probably wallowing in the water-filled craters that Gel and Rose dug beside the front of the house.  We need to get some dirt in the craters and then cover them with something to

Rejection Letter

Yesterday morning, I applied for an Intellectual Property Paralegal position at a local company.  By the time I got home from MM, I had an e-mail rejection letter in my message box.  That didn’t take long.  That’s pretty sad, isn’t it?  I

Just a few minutes …

I have just a few minutes to write.  As is often the case, I find myself sitting in front of the computer researching, reading, researching, reading and loose all track of time.  Yesterday morning I got slowed down with having to separate

More rain!!!

As I write this, it’s raining again.  I am not going to complain because we really need it.  If the weather stays relatively warm for a few days, it will result in more grass growth. I milked Gwen last night and she

Got milk?

A couple of days ago, I pulled Gwen up from the lower pasture.  This was for several reasons.  The bull calf (who is six months old now) was still hanging off her udder and I could see that his nursing was starting