Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I don’t know why, it just is.  So I guess it’s pretty nice that I don’t have to work at MM today. I didn’t ride this weekend.  Instead I elected to spend the day with

Freeze Warning!

We are under a freeze warning for tonight.  I’m on the fence whether I want to cover the garden beds or just let the frost kill off what little bit is still growing.  I don’t think the green beans are going to

A lesson in trust …

Yesterday, my friend Melissa and I road in a new place: a facility owned by the Blue Ridge Horseman’s Association.  We were told that the trails were tougher than South Mountain and we found out, that was an understatement.  Some of the

Moving on …

I woke up feeling pretty depressed.  I hate it when the alarm wakes me.  Usually I wake up a half hour or so before the alarm goes off so I have time to acclimate to the new day.  It’s so dark in

Well …

My attempt at getting my Monday through Friday, less-one-day, hours back backfired.  The new schedule was posted when I got in this morning and I only had three days (down from four).  I talked to the General Manager about it and well,

No goat milk?

Yea right.  I checked the four goats I had been milking and they all had really full udders.  Okay, I said to them, let’s get you milked.  These four are not going to dry up easily.  I am feeding them just oats

No more goat milk

I went out yesterday and as usual, milked Gwen first and then got ready to do the goats.  I looked at the ones I had been milking and noticed that their udders looked slack.  Then they started to give me trouble coming

Another good ride

As I planned, I road Sudi on Sunday.  When I got him out, he was pretty fired up, but I loaded him and headed out.  I almost came back and got Safe Ace, but I didn’t.  Sudi was perfectly fine throughout the