Half Broke Horses

So, I followed through with my plan to ride Ace.  I’m getting much better about tacking up a horse, but with Ace, I need to avoid his teeth when I’m cinching him up.  I don’t blame him too much given how badly

Back to the drawing board …

I sent a nice thank you e-mail to the couple I interviewed with and followed up with a telephone call around lunchtime yesterday, but the only response I’ve received was to my e-mail which was “thank you Michelle”.  I am going to

Possible New Job Opportunity

I interviewed yesterday evening for a possible new job opportunity.  The interview happened way past my bed time, which was interesting, but this was the time the potential employers were able to meet with me so that was when I went.  It’s

So what do I do today?

I’m off today, in fact, I’m off for three days in a row.  That’s a good thing, but to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my time off.  I’ll be working next Saturday; I got

Yoda’s still sick

We thought he was better, but when Wally got almost home after picking up up yesterday afternoon, the noise started again. We dropped him back off with the mechanic early this morning and he’s going to tear down Yoda’s front hubs and