Got out the big gun.

I missed several cute photographs of the kittens with the baby Boar goat so I decided to go and dust off my “real” camera.  I was embarrassed to see how dusty it was.  I also took out the manual and am reviewing

Bottle Babies?

Not only am I now bottle feeding 10 baby rabbits, but look what a friend of a friend dropped off this afternoon: A Boar buck baby whose mother refused to take care of him.  He loves Jersey milk.  The rabbit babies, not

Mud Pit!!!!

It’s a mud pit out there.  I feel bad for the animals having to walk through the mud.  On Thursday, we got the front part of the goat shelter covered and we went and bought three bales of shavings to put down

Happy Solstice!!!!

I don’t know which Solstice I like more, Winter or Summer … I think I’ll say Winter because it is the shortest day of the year and from here on out, the days start getting longer.  You wouldn’t know it’s the first

The Cats

A recent posted comment made me realize that I don’t talk about the cats much.  That’s unfortunate and I should mention them more often.  Right now, we have 13 cats in residence.  That’s a lot of mouths to feed, but they do