Goat Rodeos and Cow Wrangling

It’s been an eventful stressful 24 hours.  Yesterday about this time, I put Gwen and her calf friend down into the lower pasture.  Around 5:30 PM, Wally and I walked down to bring them up, but we couldn’t find them.  We walked

The best laid plans …

Well, we didn’t get done what we wanted to get done yesterday. The day started poorly because I didn’t get enough sleep … again! How do you know when you don’t get enough sleep? When you put udder wash in the milk

Good Dog!

Yesterday afternoon after I came inside and processed the couple of goat pictures that I posted, I went back outside with the intention of going back down into the garden. As soon as I opened the door, Gel looked right at me


In my search for content for both my Facebook page and that of Rock House Farm, I found this Blog.  If you have time, go and read some of his posts.  I linked a couple of them on the Spellcast Farm FB


It’s been like Christmas around here lately.  Twelve goat kids on the ground and counting.  Still have four more goats to kid.  I brought several of them up into the milk parlor this morning (note to self: have to get the milk

A day of running around

Today is going to be a day of running around.  I have to go to Hickory to deliver farm products. Now, not only do I deliver Spellcast Farm products (mostly just eggs right now); but I also deliver Rock House Farm products. 

The Hearing …

It was brutal. I’m so glad Wally went with me for moral support; but if nothing else to drive me there because I don’t know what would have happened if I drove myself. The GM of MM tried digging up all sorts