Chicks and rabbits

I packed up the Cornish X chicks and carried them down into the garden in a wheelbarrow.  I was amazed to see them move around and even scratch at the ground.  Yea!  There’s hope for them.  We moved the brooder down close

Just say no!

I get a weekly e-mail from a local farmer; usually these e-mails are short and often funny.  This week he talked about using GMO corn and soy in his pig and chicken feed.  He writes that he gets his feed ground locally


Is there anything better than a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning?  I need to get my butt in gear and get out and get the milking done because I need to be in Hickory by 9:30.  Lots of mornings

Rabbits and Death

I’m getting plumb tired of animals dying or having to put them down.  I did not loose any rabbits yesterday and as of 5:30 AM today there are no dead ones in the barn, but we did have to put a goat

Circle M Rabbit Feed

I keep finding more and more people who have lost rabbits while feeding Circle M Rabbit feed. Circle M is manufactured by Midstate Mills and distributed all over the southeastern United States. It is sold in some grocery stores like Galaxy, Bi-Lo,

Narley found a new home!

Narley, the  Australian Cattle Dog, arrived in her new home in Maryland last night.  She’s going to be living with a woman who recently lost her husband.  She’ll be a city dog!  Yea for Narley.  This is a perfect home for her. 


Oh we got spoiled with the spring-like temperatures we’ve been having all winter.  Everything was rock-frozen hard!  I gave Rose (our LGD) the rest of a pot of sausage soup that I made earlier this week and when she was finished, I