Rowdy Boy!

We picked-up the young Jersey bull, Poncho and he’s a rowdy boy alright.  We let Gwen go into the pasture with him, but he knocked her down in the mud by bouncing around and into her so we brought her back up. 

Thoughts on eating meat.

I’ve raved about the fresh ham I cooked from Rock House Farm.  We ate it again last night and I made a loaf of beer bread to go with it.  I mentioned here here or on Facebook that I found another really

Delaware Chickens

Well, I found some locally, but they are pricey: $5/chick!  That’s if we pick them up and that would be at least an hour and a half trip one way, if not, they are $8/chick.  As I expected, Wally vetoed it.  I

The Rabbits …

The rabbits continue to do really, really well.  A Portuguese couple bought one of my Roaster Rabbits on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. The husband e-mailed me yesterday asking to buy six more! Unfortunately I don’t have six more to sell him,

I am so bloody tired!

I can’t stand it.  I am dragging!  I think it’s a combination of a lot of things.  I was blaming the time change, but now I think it’s a combination of high pollen and unusually high heat.  It was close to 80

Monday, Monday

It’s still hard to get up in the morning.  The alarm woke us this morning.  Normally, I wake up before the alarm, which is so much nicer.  The alarm startles you out of sound sleep and it sucks!  Wally is off Friday!