I keep loosing days!

It seems as though once I get going with the milking, the day just goes!  Gone!  Part of that is due to my having to get the milking done and then leave the house and meet people and do errands.  I get

Yet another lost day …

I had to go to Hickory yesterday morning to deliver meat and eggs.  I do this every Tuesday morning.  It’s a bit of a pain, but I try to do my errands at the same time.  Yesterday, however, I elected to go

Rabbits in Tractors

Last night, before Wally got home from work, I sat in the back yard and watched the three rabbits that I put in the tractor.  As I watched them, I realized, this is where rabbits should be.  It may not be practical

And then there were ten … again

Got in from doing my afternoon chores yesterday, really quite pleased with myself because I got a lot done during the day.  While Wally was in the bedroom getting changed out of his work clothes, I checked the Hickory Craigslist and saw

Monday …

I’ve written about Mondays quite a few times and each time it was with different feelings.  Today, I’m hoping that this week will be a lot more productive than last week was.  I don’t think about all that I do around here