A Fantastic Dog!

The three new Saanen goats have been giving Gel a hard time.  They are pretty tough cookies and don’t think they should have to wait to be milked or move off Gel. Gel has the patience of a saint.  He will bite

Crazy Rabbit!

We have this rabbit that kindled Easter Day. Her name was Bridget (I bought her on St. Patrick’s Day). Prior to kindling, she was mild mannered, no problem. Now that she’s had babies, she’s turned into the Tasmanian Devil. If you open

A successful inspection.

It went well, it really did and I enjoyed it.  I love showing off the farm to someone who appreciates what we’ve done to get it to where it is.  Unless the inspector was telling me a fib, we will be able

A door closes.

We delivered Sudi to his new home yesterday afternoon.  I was glad we were able to do it and get it done because I was agonizing over my decision.  I went back and forth about selling Sudi, or Ace, or both of

I’m about fried …

Yesterday morning, I drove 75 miles one way to South Carolina to pick up three Silver Fox (rabbit) does.  Usually, Wally and I go on these road trips together, but it didn’t work out this time.  I have a phobia about vehicles