A few calculations …

So, yesterday morning I poured a 50 pound bag of our grain mixture into a container and kept track of how much milk I got from the goats for 50 pounds of grain. Our price for 50 pounds of grain is $15.00. 

Feeling the Pinch

There was a posting on Facebook this morning about Factory Farms forcing small farmers to either get big or get out.  That’s the truth and quite frankly, it isn’t just the Factory Farms that are forcing small farmers to get out, it’s

Farmer’s Market News

It is with great sadness that Wally and I made the decision this week to return to the Charlotte Farmer’s Market at 1801 Yorkmont Road Saturday mornings.  We really wanted to support the local markets, but our products are very specialized and

Catching up!

Lately, it seems like I’m always catching up.  I haven’t been updating this journal as much as I should and I know one day I’ll be sorry because I use this journal to keep track of when things happen.  I am keeping

Still here …

I think.  Struggling big time with this heat.  I don’t do well in extreme heat.  It simply saps me. I hate the sound  of the A/C constantly running (of course, I’d hate it more if it wasn’t running). I’m tired of being