Cows …

Finally, I am realizing my dream of having a herd of Jersey cattle.  I’ve been wanting to shift my focus from the goats to Jersey cattle for some time now.  It’s been a bit of a rocky start and it’s probably going

Farmers Work Hard!

I am not talking about me, even though I am a farmer and I do work hard.  I’m talking about the Sweet Potato Man and his partner (“Peanut”).  Yesterday morning, Peanut called me (he has a cell phone, SPM does not) to

A stay at the farm day!

I’ve been running the tires off Yoda the past three days.  He turned over 200,000 miles on Monday!  Let’s hope for another 200,000 miles.  Love Yoda!  On Sunday I visited an organic vegetable farm along with numerous other farmers to share ideas. 

We did it!

We obtained Animal Welfare Approved certification for our rabbits!  We are the first farm approved for rabbits!  That’s a huge accomplishment!  It’s been a long, difficult process, but well worth it.  Now, when people buy our rabbits, they can be assured they

Know Your Farm Tour

The Know Your Farm Tour this past Sunday was a rip-roaring success!  It rained that morning and sometimes it was heavy rain and Wally and I fully expected that very few people would show up.  We were wrong!  We had over 100

The Poulet de Bresse

For some time now, I’ve been fascinating with the rearing of the famous Poulet de Bresse.  A chicken raised in the Bresse area of France. The birds are raised on pasture (not tractors!) with a limit to how many birds can be


As I write this, for the first time in a long, long time, I’m not wearing a sleeveless shirt or sweating.  There’s coffee brewing.  I poured a glass of iced tea, but ended up throwing it out and starting coffee.  It’s too