In holding pattern …

Just waiting on the weather to get a bit more regular.  It’s been ranging from sunny and the high seventies to snow and rain and the thirties.  It is supposed to go below freezing starting tonight through Sunday.  I’m ready for warmer

A very laggy morning …

Wally let me sleep in this morning which a welcome treat.  The alarm woke us up, which is unusual.  I was deep in a dream where I was helping people out of a plane that had crashed in a field not far

Ancona Ducklings!

So far 18 have hatched out which is not a good hatch rate, but I think I put too many eggs in the incubator (duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs) and it may have interfered with proper circulation.  I almost turned

I’ve been lazy …

I have not got done what I need want to get done.  Found this video on FB this morning.  I think I’m going to commit to watching it every morning.  It ought to get me up off my butt. Enjoy. Until later

Getting Started!

Here is the new rabbit/crop area: This will be a good photo for before and after photos.  Right now, the area looks really poor, but after tilling the two rows, the soil looks pretty good.  To my knowledge, nothing has been done

Rabbit Transport Mobile

I keep a spread sheet of when I breed does, their due dates, etc.  Today was the day that Cedar, an American Chinchilla doe was due to go up to kindle.  At this time, our does kindle (have their babies) in 30