Breakfast of Champions!

Spellcast Farm pastured duck eggs: Lightly scrambled with Spellcast Farm soft cow cheese, canned tomatoes from the 2012 garden and locally-grown Swiss chard served with homemade sourdough toast.  Can breakfast get any better than this? Until later …


The beauty of Permaculture is that “it uses thoughtful observation rather than mindless labor.  It uses cunning not resources.” From: The Crazy Palestinian’s Permaculture Page. Wally and I are too old to be engaging in mindless labor; I should not be engaging


Comfrey is another plant that we plan to cultivate here in our rabbit area.  The plan today (when it warms up) is to go out and start to map out the area.  It’s a bright, sunny day so I will take pictures. 

The Three Sisters

According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans and squash are three inseparable sisters that grow and thrive together.  I have already decided to grow some sort of stalk vegetation, be it corn, sorghum, millet, Jerusalem artichokes or sunflower (or all of these) and


We spend a good deal of money on hay here.  Once I finished milking this morning, I drove to a local farm to pick up 15 bales of alfalfa.  This is alfalfa grown from conventional seed.  It’s expensive, but Cocoa’s milk production