The Rabbit Barn

The new rabbit barn has been a source of frustration.  We had a guy who was supposed to be working on it, but two months later (yesterday), found out that he hasn’t done anything!  Got a quote from another guy and it

Catching up …

Have been wading through computer and Internet issues lately.  Monday was particularly stressful.  One of the inflators on the milking machine does not have as much suction as the others.  Sunday night, I took it apart, rinsed all of the hoses and

Thoughts on pasturing rabbits

After I wrote in yesterday’s post about being excited about getting the rabbits in their tractors over raised beds up in the same area as the does with new kits, I realized, while I like having the rabbits on grass, it is

Fantastic happenings

A lot of really good things are happening lately.  That is a good thing!  Just waiting for the weather to regulate a bit and for Wally to get the free time to do the tilling.  We had laid good plans for this