Growing Pains

At Spellcast Farm, we are currently suffering through growing pains.  According to Joan Halifax (an American Zen Buddhist roshi), growing pains are a fruitful darkness, a threshold when the limits of self are recognized and tested — and broken. It is hard

Back where we should be!

It was relatively painless to get on to a new server and almost as painless to get the WordPress software up and running and the database imported.  It is a good feeling! As I write this, Wally is on his way

It has been a better day!

Gardening — working with crops — is calming.  I started out the morning by milking the cows.  Then after processing the milk (some went into the refrigerator, some went into the cheese pot and was made into fresh ricotta [if you’ve never

Today is another day

And I am going to put my head down and just work.  There is only so much I can do because of lack of physical strength, but primarily due to my inability to use some of the tools that we have here,

I am still here

It has been a tough couple of weeks.  Wally’s daughter in Ohio is very ill and he’s been back and forth from NC to Ohio twice now.  He left to go back again on Sunday and his truck broke down on the

Huge holes in my writing!

I just logged on to this page to delete a spam comment — been receiving a lot of them lately — and noticed that there’s a hole in my writing between the two weekly newsletters.  Whoops! Rabbit update: I think we are